In a new cultural partnership with our near neighbours Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum we were thrilled to come together for their ‘Dangerous Women’ Museum Late event in April and co-commission the wonderful contemporary dance artists Kay Crook and Sean Moss who performed a beautiful interpretation of Ophelia – combining a stunning dance in a beautiful setting. 

The event was enjoyed by a sold out audience who got to see a whole range of fearless female characters from the Bible and Greek mythology who shattered barriers and defied gender norms as well as contemporary art pop-up exhibitions featuring interpretations of the museum’s collection by local women artists, and musical performances showcasing compositions by overlooked female composers.  There were also drop-in talks shedding light on dangerous women and the enduring legacy of women artists and iconic female characters throughout history.

“Blown away by the intensity of the dancers relationship, we were engrossed, captivated. We arrived not knowing what to expect – It was moving and portrayed so beautifully and powerfully. So talented!”

This was a great event to collaborate with the local arts and culture on our doorstep. Thank you to all the team at Russell Cotes for a great evening.

As it says on the entrance at Russell Cotes ‘As Music is to the Ear so is Art to the Eye’ – we couldn’t agree more!

Kay Crook is a Pavilion Dance supported artist and Sean Moss is one of our visiting artists from 2023.  Find out more about our Supported Artists and Visiting and Associate Artists.

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