Dancers are needed for a response project to the Antony Caro Sea Music Sculpture in Poole.

Funded by Arts Council England and Poole Council, Sian Hutchings and Richard Waring are collaborating to create a sound and light installation that responds to the sculpture. Sian is a sound artist and has created a composition for the sculpture that dancers will interpret. The event is on the 22nd November 5pm, dancers are to work independently on this project responding to a graphic score but will not hear the composition until the night.

More about Sian and the project:

My name is Sian Hutchings and I was a graduate in residence with the fine art department last year at AUB. I am currently working on a project with the course leader of Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth, Richard Waring. Together we are creating an installation in response to the Sea Music Sculpture by Antony Caro in Poole.

I am working on a sound composition made from field recordings taken from the sculpture which I have transformed into a three part graphic score that I want dancers to respond to. There are three platforms on the sculpture itself so the score will be divided into 3 parts, the visual score correlates with the composition, however the dancers would not hear the composition until the night.

Richard will be generating a light that will be projected onto the sculpture and scan up and down the dancers bodies as well.

The event will last for 10 minutes on the 22nd November at around 5pm. Unfortunately we do not have he budget to pay dancers, but we will provide travel and money for food on the day, and there will be a professional film made of the event that we can give to dancers for their portfolios.

In terms of commitment, it is up to the dancers to interpret the score and I will give them one part each week to work on. I live in Newcastle but I can come down on the 6-7th November to run a workshop with the dancers, see what they’ve come up with so far etc. The score can be printed off and notes can be made on it etc. Each section is roughly 2:30 minutes, so its a very short piece.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to email

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