We’ve given our foyer a new look and feel after consultation with a cross-section of 50 audience members. We’re excited about our new space – so here’s some more information about our approach….

Some of our new chairs are made of renewable wood and recycled plastic, and our old chairs have been donated to our local YMCA group. For those that need to take up some working hours, our brand large new table is a great place to work or socialise. You can now relax in your favourite seat with a hot drink and even enjoy some music!

Accessibility is important to us – we’ve installed new clock which is friendly to those who are living with Dementia – it reads the date, day, time and whether it is morning or afternoon.

For those with little people, you can now find a drawing table and 2 high chairs to keep them entertained.

We look forward to welcoming you into our re-vamped space where everyone is welcome!

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