Pavilion Dance South West is pleased to offer a brand new training programme for experienced dance artists and health professionals.

The training comprises three modules, with an in-house training day taking place on 18th June 2016 at Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth. This training has been developed by the PDSW Dance for Parkinson’s team in association with The People Dancing on-line learning programme and Dance for Parkinson’s Network UK.

It will enable participants to gain the knowledge and skills to lead Dance for Parkinson’s sessions under the PDSW class model, which encompasses both physiological underpinnings as well as the art of the dance class.

Successful applicants will also have the opportunity to apply for a position teaching one of PDSW’s satellite classes, which will be supported through a continued mentoring programme.

Please note: In order to be accepted onto this training programme, all trainees must have completed and passed the People Dancing on-line learning programme by 6th June 2016.

Sign up to this training, inclusive of the People Dancing on-line learning programme, at an early bird price of £80 if both are purchased through PDSW before 3rd April 2016.

Individual prices include £40 for the 3-part PDSW training and £65 for the People Dancing online learning programme. (£55 for People Dancing members).

Please contact Aimee Smith at if you require further information.


PDSW are proud to be a part of the Dance for Parkinson’s Network UK, which is supported by a number of individuals and national bodies and shares close relationships with organisations such as Parkinson’s UK. We are delighted to have an on-going relationship with the Mark Morris Dance Group Dance for PD and honoured to have delivered collaborative training at the People Dancing Summer School 2015.We are grateful to the Health & Wellbeing Legacy Fund for generously supporting the first year of this 3-year project. This funding allows us to train new teachers and support setting up more specialised dance classes to expand the opportunities for people with Parkinson’s across the South West. Our profound thanks also goes to Healthwatch Dorset, Sherborne ArtsLink, all participants and supporters of Business Come Dancing 2015 and the supporters of our crowdfunding campaign for making this first year possible.
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