Artist Jan Roe observed our Parkinson’s Awareness Day. Here’s her reaction in words and pictures.

Dance for Parkinson’s

The first session was Dance for Parkinson’s apropos slow stiff movements becoming unlocked through the natural inclination of our bodies to move to music. As body movements became more relaxed by use of an inventiveness that was beautifully done I found this loosening similar the process in warming up to draw. I wanted to capture this safe experience as it happened moment by moment.

Singing for Parkinson’s

I love to catch glimpses as people move. So my attention was on the expression and vigour in Pauline McWilliams, as she led and performed, which was passing on to all of us. I like to express this as if I am ‘visualizing a verb’. So I found myself half singing and half drawing, in mimesis, as I captured the passing story in front of me.

I watch for that all important fleeting movement in the face. The stretching and pulling as sounds accompany the muscle work.

Research Presentation

During the talk I sat next to someone who told me she was there to find out what the possibilities were for her partner. She wanted to find out more about the benefits in movement that research has detected. She was on a quest to discover whether her partner would find benefit in dancing, and wanted to hear more from an expert.

A great day to observe and be part of!

Jan Roe


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