And we’re off!  Pavilion Dance South West’s summer festival launched in spectacular sci-fi style with Future Cargo and Geophonic bringing intrigue, curiosity and mystery to Bournemouth.

Photography Credit: Red Manhattan Photography

Amongst the jubilee bunting, mysterious and curious performances landed in Bournemouth Town Centre.  Sporting large purple, orange and blue geophones a large group gathered to celebrate and take part in Geophonic – a folk ritual for the rock cycle.  Representing different rocks, perfomers led a procession around the pier, and the gardens with the audience enjoying folk dancing, operatic singing amongst the trees and a Rock Rave finale!

The audience were taken to the Avenue Lane Loading Bay to enjoy a pop up performance from dance group CoEvo, followed by the sci-fi spectacle of galactic performers from Future Cargo.  A mesmerising and intriguing dance encounter of a different kind!

Photography Credit: Red Manhattan Photography

A fascinating and entertaining family event curated by Pavilion Dance South West and kindly supported by Arts Council England, BCP Council, Bournemouth Town Centre BID and The Avenue Lane Loading Bay, Bournemouth. 

“Completely bonkers night but went home with a big smile on our faces!”

“So cool hearing new sounds in places I walk everyday.”

“in awe of the performance.  I came to the first show and just had to come again for the second!”

“I loved it – it’s so different.”

“Awe-inspiring and incredible work by Future Cargo.”

“Mesmerising!  Have never been to something quite like this before.”

“Fascinating.  Interesting.  Mesmerising.”

“Wow the geophones really make things sound different.  It’s quite chilling in the the gardens when they sing.”

“Was amazing! Had such a great atmosphere.”

Photography Credit: Red Manhattan Photography

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