Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW), the Lithuanian Culture Institute and the Lithuanian Embassy in the UK have collaborated to offer a Lithuanian Dance Artist the opportunity to become a PDSW ‘Discovery’ Artist.

PDSW’s Discovery Artist scheme gives an artist the opportunity to spend time with us in our Bournemouth studios and theatre, and gives us an opportunity to get to know their work better. In 2019 this programme is in collaboration with the Lithuanian Embassy, and we have 2 Lithuanian artists spending time with us to create new work in response to our local communities and places.

The artists are: Denisas Kolomyckis (working with dance and film) and Vilma Pitrinaite (working on a socially-rooted piece of dance theatre).

Vilma travels regularly performing and working in multiple projects. Her work speaks out about society and challenges norms with in-depth character research and confrontation.

Vilma says that she “believes that dance has the potential for talking about the world, it’s complexities, paradoxes, joys and building ways of being together otherwise. I believe it is so because it is not only communicating itself through histories that lies in the presence of a body and it’s language but is also expressing itself in a curious and unintelligible manifestations that cannot be experienced otherwise than while dancing or watching dance. For instance, my recent work ‘Somaholidays’ transposes choreographic forms and rituals of nightclubs into complex trance-like movement patterns that in themselves constitute an altered reality.”

Currently still touring, Vilma’s solo, ‘Miss Lithuania’ takes audiences through the stages of the Miss World contest. However, Miss Lithuania becomes entangled with her conditioned desire to represent her country, and to be a role model, and her instinctive quest for liberation from conformity. Vilma states that the “mode of presentation inherent to Miss World contest became for me a precious tool to narrate symptoms of the state of our society.” ‘Miss Lithuania’ will continue touring this year in Czech Republic.

Pavilion Dance has enjoyed hosting Vilma in residency this July where she has been able to explore presentations of Lithuanian society with research into alternative culture amongst the youth, cyberpunk culture and a figures of a rebel.

Later in August Vilma will be a part of the ‘Watch & Talk group’, a residency program at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel. She is also busy working on a new project, ‘MATCH 2’ with a work in progress presentation in Belgium, for the festival ‘Objectifs Danse’ in October. The performance ‘Somaholidays’ will be touring in Lithuanian regions in unconventional spaces such as an old mill, a bar, an abandoned building and an outdoor stage surrounded by nature. Vilma has also created choreography in a commission by Seiko Dance Theatre, Lithuania, that will be premiered in September.

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