The Integrated Dance Summit – Poetry reviews by David Young


Stopgap Dance Company

The Awakening

An army looking for intelligence.  In the moment of war, unravelling the war wounds, injured hands in blood. Fighting, direct shots coming to get your life, running from crime. In one moment of life united in strength.


Marc Brew Company


(i)land, arriving and leaving, beaches, isolated, building an escape to fly. Searching for a fix to life. Sky gazing, working together on a project. Creating a bird to soar away, to fly, but alone, I leave you in a hole to dream and die……Goodbye.


Caroline Bowditch

Falling in Love with Frida

Wow. Life of a person. Coming of age, becoming who she is, without care of what people think. Liberated by love. Loving who and what she is. And wants. Loving girls. That’s okay. Telling the story of herself. Her problems. Her life.  Her strength and passion. What she likes. Who she is. I thank you for your show I am speechless.


Arc Dance

Conversations with Dystonia

Are they running away, or breaking out of somewhere? The beating of the drum. Breaking out on their mission to freedom. But they get pulled back. Pushed, beating down, imprisoned.  Back into the jail. Captured by dysfunction. What did they do to be prosecuted for freedom?

A Sense of Beauty

A sense of family, of home. The ties and bonds between mother and baby. The glue of togetherness. The music was skilful. Setting the mood of love and danger and playing away. Full of the colour of life.


Integrated ChoreoLAB

Mark Smith

Musical iPod holder, dancing to your favourite music, the music that you love, unpopular music that he doesn’t like the sound of. Dancing and moving to mute sound that is uncomfortable to hear. Dancing and moving to mute sound, it’s uncomfortable to hear feeling and being with the performers discomfort. Sound is feeling to those who don’t hear the music


Robin Dingemans and Nick Bryson

The Point At Which It Last Made Sense.

A journey between a couple, together and separated , advertisements about different things,  shaving coffee, interesting use of media creating different perspectives, political marketing, viewpoints of interchanging relationships. Messages in the story heading someone going somewhere getting just to that moment, warm in the light the golden glow, like camping in the sunset.

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