At The End We Begin – Richard Chappell Dance

Pavilion Dance South West,  14th March 2019


Informed by T.S Eliot’s Four Quartets, this explorative piece navigates its own path via synchronized spontaneity and the still solitary. This dexterous, subconscious, liquid- like choreography begins and manifests in and around self-discovery and true to life, takes itself by surprise. With an energy that bursts through as a lone, troubled, cyclone, it begins to disperse, learns control and eventually earths itself within another. With dynamic celebration of togetherness, the playfulness in joy and connection, comes the drop off.

Cautiously balancing the complexity and jagged edges of feeling, the push and pull of continuation, this accomplished quartet dares to keep revisiting the patterns we make, extending our arms again and again, unveiling the physical nausea, exhaustive restarts and the strength to grasp control once again.

From power windmills to folding knees, Richard Chappell Dance captivate and signal the stormy dissonance of acceptance in motion with rugged finesse and delicate violence.

Feel your own way, get lost together and arrive at the end.

Dare to witness where your own journey begins.

Tor Maries

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