This Sunday at Pavilion Dance, there are two opportunities to experience H2Dance’s Say Something; a show for everyone aged 3+. Here Pavilion Dance South West’s Programming & Producing Manager, Danielle Rose, tells us more about why she’s looking forward to it.

“Part of my role is curating a live performance programme for children and their families. I get very excited about finding brilliant shows and bringing them here to Bournemouth for local audiences to enjoy. Last year, at a festival of dance for young audiences in London, I found H2Dance’s Say Something.  

I hadn’t been sure what to expect; the description in the programme just said ‘a show where you can follow, copy, lead and chase perfomers as they move and sing’. At the start of the performance we removed our shoes and joined the dancers in the space. They moved, we copied – it felt like a really fun game of follow the leader. Sometimes everyone would be doing the same movement and sometimes we broke off into two halves or even smaller groups. For some of the time we would copy a noise and the sound of all our voices combined formed a beautiful harmony.

What was wonderful was the reminder that as humans we have an amazing capacity to recognise non-verbal cues and as the performance unfolded, despite this being our very first time as an audience we quickly worked out , children and adults alike,  when to stop and start, how fast or slow to go and what sounds and movements to make.

Looking around the space I felt my eyes welling up; everyone was having such a great time. The students who H2dance had choreographed the piece on were in their element as they lead the audience. Children giggled as their dads and mums crawled and leapt around the space with them. What H2dance had done with Say Something was, for a rare short-time, create an environment where everyone could just revel in the enjoyment of moving together.

I returned to Pavilion Dance South West and immediately told my colleagues about the experience. Excited by the idea of making it happen in Bournemouth too, our Youth & Education Coordinator approached a selection of local schools and asked if their pupils would like the chance to take part in the project. For the students it’s a great opportunity to work with professional international choreographers, H2dance, and to gain an experience of performing to members of the public. The project has been generously supported by the Cultural Hub, who connect local education providers with local arts organisations.

If you are free on Sunday, I really encourage you to give Say Something a go. If you come, I would love to hear about your experience and what you thought of it, so please drop me a line at

Say Something by H2dance is on at 11.30am and 3pm Sunday 15 February at Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth. For more information and to buy tickets please click here

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