At PDSW, we believe that it is important to champion youth dance. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be giving young people the chance to voice their experiences on our blog, particularly talking about how they are choreographing work for the Spotlight Showcase, which takes place in our theatre on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June.

Skye Higgs from The Bourne Academy kicks us off, by talking about her experience of creating a piece of dance after visiting the New Art Centre Sculpture Park at Roach Court in Wiltshire:

I am Skye Higgs, a student at the Bourne Academy. My company and I have been working hard on a dance for the Spotlight Showcase. The thing that was most interesting about creating this piece was that it was based around sculptures. This meant we had to completely change our style of dance to go with the theme. Also we had to think deeper into our movement to resemble a sculpture. To help inspire us to create our dance we visited Roche Court, a sculpture park and gallery of large and inspirational sculptures. To also make the task easier we had the dance choreographed by an extremely talented member of our 6th form, Jade Prior. For me the best part about being involved in this dance is that it’s a small group of three, and Jade prior works extremely hard to make her choreography to match our style of dance as performers. I am really excited about being involved in the Spotlight Showcase and I am looking forward to seeing what others have to show.”  

Skye Higgs Dance Student The Bourne Academy


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