With only 7 days left to reach the target of £23,000 we need your help to sign up to the Crowdfunder campaign we are supporting with B-Side and 12 other partners in the region.

Donate to the Emergency Fund here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/dorset-artists-emergency-fund

Here is one applicants description of the effect lockdown has had on their livelihood as an artist. It’s a situation that artists across the region and the nation find themselves in.


It would greatly help to pay for food for myself and children, pay my electricity bill which has landed on my doorstep and I can’t pay.

I rent my property and my workshop is included in my residential rent. My first three years of trading I made a loss because it was the easy option for me to be self-employed to look after the children after coming out of fifteen years of a negative relationship. Those three years were a lifeline. Last year 19/20 I made just over £12,000 through being able to move back to the house the children knew and leading pottery workshops from home. 

But we can help, together!

I don’t qualify to claim my three years profits because there were none. I don’t pay business rates (as my home is also my workshop space) so no grants available. I am getting £300/month child maintenance and UC and child benefit. This combined covers the rent, but I only have £150 left over to pay for food, electric, water, council tax etc. I have three children and I am a single mum. The day we went into lockdown my income went to zero and until I am allowed people here again (to lead my pottery workshops) I literally have no income 

I have ended up in hospital with anaphylaxis twice in the last month and it has knocked me for six. We live very hand to mouth, and I have used what little savings I had. It’s imperative that my business survives because I know my people will come back and art is as essential as oxygen for some people.

My losses are £1200 a month. That was my income from teaching. It will be a massive loss not doing DAW and other fairs and markets that I had booked. 

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