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A big gag captured on film! ‘Trip Hazard’ by Flexer & Sandiland

Behind the scenes film –  ‘Trip Hazard’ by Flexer & Sandiland Did you get a glimpse of ‘Trip Hazard’ when it came to the South West last month?  Experience it for the first time or revisit – it will still […]

Diwali is under way at PDSW this WEEKEND- Vrushali Harihar talks on Hot Radio

Vrushali Harihar introduces PDSW’s DIWALI Weekend on Hot Radio Bollywood Beats Show with host Anajali ! You can listen to Vrushali here: PDSW is celebrating this weekend with a Bollywood screening, a food-tasting session and a Indian Dance workshop […]

Bounceback Dance Festival Comes to Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole this Weekend!

We’re excited to announce that over this weekend, we have an amazing lineup for our BounceBack Dance Festival. When: 29th May- 6th June  WithTWENTY ONE incredible performances over NINE days, this outdoor festival of LIVE shows is FREE to watch for everyone to enjoy outside, SAFELY in public spaces […]

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