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Happy Holidays! Let’s celebrate with dance…

Happy Holidays!   We’ll be celebrating the only way we know how…..with some dancing! It’s been a wonderful year of dance, movement, arts and performance inside and outside our venue this year.  A huge thanks to everyone that has been part […]

Dave The Shouting Mute Reveiws Elisabeth Shilling’s Invisible Dances

The Shouting Mute reviews Elisabeth Shilling's... Dave Young The Shouting Mute is working with us to produce creative reviews for all the work we do at PDSW.

The Slow Food Movement by Steven Lamb

  It may appear odd at first glance should anyone stumble across this article on the web pages of Pavilion Dance South West, as to why it is there at all. There is the obvious link of ‘slow’ and ‘movement’ […]

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