The little ghost had lived in Eulenstein Castle for hundreds of years. He was one of those harmless little ghosts who haunt places by night, and never hurt anyone unless they are provoked. During the day, he slept up in the attic in a heavy, iron-bound chest. The chest was well hidden behind one of the big chimneys. No one knew it really belonged to a ghost. But at night, when the Town Hall clock struck twelve in the town of Eulenberg at the foot of the castle, the little ghost awakened. On the very last stroke of twelve, he would open his eyes, stretch and yawn.

Continuing our literary theme this season, our next family performance is based on a work from much-loved German author Otfried Preussler.

Published in 1966, Das Kleine Gespenst (The Little Ghost) tells the story of a lonely ghost who wishes for nothing more than to be able to see daytime. All of his attempts to stay awake fail until one day, after the little ghost has already given up hope, he awakens at noon. However, the little ghost’s excitement for the daytime is short-lived, and at the first touch of sunlight he turns black. Eventually he is forced to hide in the Town Hall with the Mayor who doesn’t “believe in ghosts”. Whilst taking refuge in the Town Hall, the little ghost happens upon the ceremonial arrival of his ancient enemy General Torsten Torstenson. This makes the little ghost angry and he frightens the general away as he did 325 years earlier, not realizing that the parade is actually a historic celebration. The town falls into chaos and the little ghost must seek the help of his owl friend to put everything right.

The Adventures of the Little Ghost comes to the Pavilion Dance stage on Sunday 30 October at 1pm and 4pm. You can also join us for a pre-show workshop at 2:45pm (sorry but the 11:45am workshop is fully booked!). The workshop is free but booking is essential and only available to ticketholders. Please note: all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Finally, in the spirit of Halloween, we would love to see some spooky costumes from the younger members of the audience! Be sure to share your thoughts and photos using #PDSWDanceChat.

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