After three years, it is time for PDSW’s programme Surf The Wave to Wave Goodbye.

“It has been a privilege to run this massive programme and bring the UK Dance Showcase to Bournemouth and Poole on the South Coast of England, we experienced choppy waters at times, but we’re proud of having Surfed that Wave.”Zannah Chisholm, Artistic Director CEO, PDSW

The project gathered a large amount  of research, data and learning from dance sector partners who explored new and exciting ways for artists and venues to work together and bring more dance to more people. 

The Surf The Wave website remains as a resource for all sorts of information that we hope you will enjoy or be able to use to your own work. The website also serves as a public facing report on the process and impact of the 3 year project. 

Waving Goodbye is the final ‘event’ in the programme. This is an online sharing of filmed reflections on the project from artists, producers, programmers and partners as well as 3 newly commissioned dance films from Jo Fong and Anushiye Yarnell, Keira Martin and Theo Clinkard.

Please do visit and watch these films, and have a look at all the Outcomes and Insights gathered from their work over the last 3 years.

Surf The Wave will continue to add to this body of documentation over the next 2 weeks, so please do let them know if there is something that you would like to see detailed.

From the comprehensive research, it seems there are unexpected parallels in the outcomes and PDSW’s emerging themes of work.

These are:

Open Doors – break away from our comfort zones so that more people can engage with our work

Hold Hands – take time to build relationships as these lie at the heart of effective showcasing and touring of dance

See Myself – work inclusively so that people can read themselves into what we do, on and off stage, rather than feeling excluded

Slow Dance – there are benefits for all of us in slowing things down, building deeper relationships over time and spending longer with audiences

We would like to thank the funders who supported the programme and the sector throughout this project and who are continuing to support ideas and programmes that emerged from it, all listed below:

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