Hatch & Scratch

Hatch & Scratch is our annual platform for works in progress by established and emerging choreographers. Last year, it included the sharing and discussion of Mischief Company’s RED, which had its world premiere in our Ocean Theatre at the start of the season! But what does it involve?

What is a Scratch Night?

A Scratch Night is an evening designed to give artists the opportunity to ‘test’ out their material on a live audience. Artists will have 20 minutes during which they will perform their act to a live audience. Scratch Nights will see a whole variety of acts performed from stand-up comics, to new emerging theatre companies, dancers, poetry readings/performances and live art performers.
Work shown in Scratch Nights is usually work-in-progress, often in its very initial stages, and offers artists an opportunity to get immediate feedback and thus make appropriate changes or development to their work for the future. For the audience, it is an opportunity to see new, up and coming work, have an enjoyable (and cheap!) night out and help to create a buzz about new artists and emerging work.

Scratch Nights act as a sharing platform for artists to ‘test’ a current work on a live audience. Typically, artists will have an allocated time in which to present their work, which is followed up by a feedback session with the audience. The work presented at Scratch Nights is most often work-in-progress, and usually in the very early stages of development. Upon collecting the audience feedback, artists are then able to make adjustments to the piece accordingly. For audiences, Scratch Nights are a great way to see brand new works, contribute to the development of a piece and support the artists, all while having a fun night out!

Interested in helping our artists?

Would you like to be involved in the development of a work-in-progress? Would you like to have your voice heard? Do you fancy a fun night out where you can meet new people? Then Hatch & Scratch is the place for you!

Who’s in the line-up?

Living is Dancing by Justine Reeve and Company explores the desire that dancers have for finding performance work, voyeuristically watching three dancers trapped in the audition process. This is a wry, honest and eccentric look at what it is really like to be a professional dancer.

Los Ojos de Nono looks at the relationship one has with past and present, savouring the imprints that remain. Choreographed by award-winning dancers and choreographers Thomasin Gülgeç and Estela Merlos and performed by Merlos, this is a part-improvised feast of emotive and athletic movement.

The final work will be fromthe 2017 Grad-Lab cohort. Grad-Lab offers recent dance graduates support, space and a cast with which to choreographtheir first professional work, as well as work placement experience to a graduate interested in dance administration.

Hatch & Scratch

Thursday 5 October, 7.30pm£6Running time: 95 minutes (inc. two intervals)

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