We are very happy to announce the upcoming publication what remains and is to come by Katrina Brown & Rosanna Irvine, an artist book project extending from the performance event.

You can subscribe up until 18th April 2014 for a copy of the book and for some limited edition prints.

The performance invites audiences into the upcloseness of shifting relations between two performers, paper and charcoal. The book offers a different view towards the intimate and dynamic qualities of the live event. Photographic close-ups give a visceral sense of the performance materials. The texts think and offer context through and alongside.

Texts: Ramsay Burt, Ivana Ivkovic, Mark Leahy

Photography: Kate Mount

Design: Kevin Mount

Support the project by ordering your copy now!

Visit the project website for more info on the book and limited edition prints + to subscribe

Subscribers will be acknowledged in the publication

Publication date May 2014

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