We’re excited to announce that PDSW has partnered with Yorke Dance Project for a series of unmissable outdoor performances.

We’ve been given the opportunity to provide free shows are part of our ongoing mission to bring performance to audiences across Bournemouth and to get people dancing in the streets! 

About the Project:

Expect specially-designed, on-location, preview performances of Lockdown Portraits.

Audiences will be guided along a hidden trail, through the heart of Bournemouth Town Centre to the majestic seafront. They will encounter Sir Robert Cohan’s remarkable solo dances in unique environments. Created over Zoom during the lockdown, these portraits celebrate each dancer’s strength and resilience amidst the loneliness and isolation of the pandemic.

As some of Cohan’s final works, these solos harness the power of dance to express the triumph of the human spirit. 

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