A fun and therapeutic class with movement specifically designed for the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Here’s Aimee’s play list for the Parkinson’s Dance Class

Things to note before dancing at home:

Please ensure you do the warm up & cool down which are there for your safety.  

* Please make sure someone else is around when you are doing the class – maybe have them join in too!  

*  Ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear. Socks may be too slippery for your floor at home so be careful and dance barefoot if it offers more grip.   

* Please check the floor for trip hazards & that the space isn’t too restricted.

* Have a sturdy chair and water close by.

* Only do what you feel you can, pause for a drink or rest if you feel you need it.

* Dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. While PDSW takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury caused during these online sessions.

* You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically fit for the class and follow the guidance and instructions in the video.

* During the class you must take care of your own personal safety at all times.

Let us know what you think on engagement@pdsw.org.uk

If you enjoy this class, you can help us produce more online class by making a small donation. Please complete the online form and fill in the amount you can spare to #KeepDancing

Thank you!

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