For our 10th Anniversary we’ve been talking to the amazing people that make up the fabric of what we do at PDSW.

Podcast host, Laura Mulhern chats with supported artists, artistic directors, volunteers and our teams who work with the local and national communities.

All FIVE episodes are available to download and listen in your own time.:

Discovering A Love Of Dance Through Volunteering

Podcast host, Laura Mulhern talks to PDSW volunteers Mandy Smith and Dennis O’Herne on their ever growing love of Contemporary Dance.

Dance, Diversity and Challenging Perspectives

Podcast host, Laura Mulhern chats with supported artists and artistic directors, Zoie Golding from Zoie Logic Dance Theatre and David Lloyd of Mischief Dance Company about their dance journey and how they challenge perceptions through their work.

Starting A Career In Dance

Podcast host Laura Mulherne is joined by Lola Panton an amazing front of house team member and dancer and professional dancer and now dance teacher at Jazz Gritt.

Listen to how they started out in dance, what challenges and cringe moments they had in their first performances and hear their great advice on how to manage a career in dance!

Challenging The Staus Quo

Dancing Communities

Laura Mulhern hosts Young People’s Producer, Matt Hawksworth and Change Maker, Natasha player to talk about their roles and their responsibilities to introduce and encourage growth of a diverse community within the dance sector, locally and nationally with PDSW.

Happy Listening!

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