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Poetic response to 2faced Dance Company

We are excited to have a regular reviewer for the Spring season of ‘Thursday Night is Dance Night’. Dave Young is a creative artist, poet, composer and performer, he is pleased to be invited back to PDSW to do poetic reviews for this season’s dance performances, following a good reception to his poetic responses at the Integrated Dance Summit in May. Here he reviews 2Faced Dance Company’s ‘Dreaming in Code’


Thursday 26th February 2015

‘Dreaming in Code’ by 2Faced Dance Company

A poetic response by David Young


A world without woman.

Men would play. Men would get what they want.

Men would dance about all day.

Men would joke and Lark.

Camp Lights, Fires.

Then men would go home, once they are done, and men would miss something.

Lucid dreams, Power,

The power of the brain.

The future

Dreams, fast paced. The brain running about finding its memories.

A cross, Direct, a fight.

Amazing setting by the lights and vibrations from the sound.

The power of the mind.

Thank you.


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