In 2018 a SW conference of 83 dancers, choreographers, companies, producers and organisations agreed that they wanted to collaborate to shout about dance across South West England. #swdancing campaign brought them together. In 2019 we commissioned Grand Visionary Solutions (GVS) to create a digital showcase for SW touring dance companies in time for the UK Dance Showcase. An open access website was created where companies could see that they were part of a regional movement and promoters could see who is touring what and when from the comfort of their computer. In 2020 we’re working again with GVS to develop SWDancing further, to introduce more digital content, a section with information about SW dance promoters for companies to use and a Facebook group to enable companies to share equipment and other resources with each other.  Watch this space.  

Programmers/Presenters/Commissioners: If you are interested in the work of any of the dance artists & companies on this site, please follow the links to contact them directly.

South West Dance Artists & Companies: If you are not part of the #SWDancing campaign and would like to be, please email to let us know.

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