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Reawakening Reflection report

A New Age, Health Funding for Arts & Older People, Arts & Health Forum 2012

Active Ageing – A Policy Framework, World Health Organisation Report 2002

AESOP 1 Framework for developing and researching arts in health programmes

After You are Two, Arts and Older People Exemplary Practice, Kate Organ, 2013


Ageing Artfully – A Baring report into participatory arts and ageing

An Evaluation of Let’s Dance with Change4Life, Dr K Douglas, December 2010

Antonovsky’s Sense of Coherence Scale, Eriksson & Lindstrom, J Epi Comm Hlth 2005

Art for Health good practice document, NHS Health Development Agency 2000

Arts & Kindness Report, People United Report 2012

Arts and Older People Strategy Northern Ireland

Arts and Older People Strategy, Arts Council Northern Ireland, 2010

Arts Council England Report on Future Direction of Dance Agencies

Arts in Health Evaluation Summary Report, Arts in Health (North West England alliance)

Arts for Health and Wellbeing An Evaluation Framework by Public Health England 2016

Art of Commissioning, Cultural Commissioning Programme, 2015 (full report)

Art of Commissioning, Cultural Commissioning Programme, 2015 (summary)

Audience 2.0  How Technology Influences Arts Participation, NEA, 2008

BBC Interview with Salisbury Dance for Parkinsons Class led by Rebecca Seymour 9/3/16

Bristol City Council’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2013-18

Bristol Wellbeing Strategy

CODA International Dance Festival 2015 (Oslo): report Jayne Devlin (Cornwall)

CODA International Dance Festival 2015 (Oslo): report Rebecca Seymour (Wiltshire)

CODA International Dance Festival 2015 (Oslo): report Rosa Kentwood (Hampshire)

Commissioning Culture Sport & Leisure Services, Culture Research Evidence Monitor, 2014

Commissioning Dance for Health & Wellbeing, Guide for Commissioners by Jan Burkhardt 2012

Contextualising Salutogensis & Antonovsy, Eriksson & Lindstrom, Health Promotion International 2006

Cool Facts Hot Feet, Dancing to Health Evidence Review, Dance South West 2011

Dance and older adults: CPD at Rambert, November 2015, 1

Dance and older adults: CPD at Rambert, November 2015, 2

Dance Companions Pilot Research Activities: Final Report and Recommendations for Pavilion Dance South West, Emma McFarland, May 2016 

Dance for Cancer Patients, January – July 2013

Dance for Parkinsons Disease at Pavilion Dance South West – BBC Radio 2016

Dance & Health Case Studies in South West England, DSW & DOH 2010

Dance 4 Your Life Evaluation Repot, Laban & NKLA 2009

Dancing in time: feasibility and acceptability of a contemporary dance programme to modify risk factors for falling in community dwelling older adults

Dancing in time, Yorkshire Dance

Equality for All 2012 to 2015, Bournemouth Borough Council

For All Ages, Report on Integenerational Practice, 4Children

Health & Well-Being Benefits of Dance for Older People, BUPA 2011

“How to stay young” – Dance research shows dance keeps the body “younger” than gym exercise, BBC 2016

Informing and influencing  the new local health landscape, a guide for local Compacts

LASA Strategic Plan 2010-2013

Making a Move, Foundation for Community Dance 2006

Managing Transitions in Later Life, Roundtable Discussion, Calouse Gulbenkian Foundation

Mature dancers show you’re never to old to get in shape, George Welch, April 2017

Measuring Cultural Participation (inc international perspectives), UNESCO 2012

Measuring Well Being, New Economics Foundation 2012

Miscellaneous Older People’s Research Resources June 2012

Moving More Living More, Olympic & Paralympic Legacy 2012

Older people’s dance activities: the first UK survey

Older people: independence and mental wellbeing, 2015

Overview of Culture Club Project in Kirklees for over 55’s

Overview of New NHS Organisational Structures, NCF and VODG 2012

Photographic exhibition at Witney Community Hospital, April 2017

Population Trends in Bournemouth Oct 2012

Public Library Health & Well Being Offer Advocacy Toolkit 2012

Quantifying & Valuding Wellbeing Impacts of Sport & Culture, DCMS 2014

Quantifying Social Impacts of Sport & Culture, DCMS 2014

Reawakening reflection report, Lisa Lort, Pavilion Dance South West, 2017

Reducing Social Isolation in Older People, Quality in Ageing & Older Adults Vol. 14 No 1 2013

Role of the Arts in Residential Care Homes, Baring Foundation

S Asian Dance & Older People in Canada, Bisakha Sarker Winston Churchill Fellowship 2013

Salutogenesis, Erikkson & Lindstrom, J Epi Comm Hlth 2005

South West Public Health Observatory newsletter, August 2012

South West Wellbeing Programme Evaluation Case Studies, UWE 2010

SW Peninsula Academic Health Network Plan 2012

Tea Dances with a Twist, Plymouth Dance, May 2011

Third Sector Partnerships for Public Service Delivery, Third Sector Research Centre 2012

UK Participatory Arts & Ageing Case Studies, Baring Foundation

Winter Fires (how art changes the experience of old age), Francois Mattarrasso 2012

Arts for Health Cornwall Dance Toolkit for Care Homes

One minute guide – dance & health

Public Health England obesity knowledge


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