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Showing on 13 July, 2019



This course will include an insight into and training in the Parkinson’s Dance Science teaching model led by co-founders Dr Sophia Hulbert (Neuro-physiotherapist) and Aimee Hobbs (Creative Dance Practitioner).

The Parkinson’s Dance Science model is based on a unique fusion of high-quality physiotherapy and dance expertise to address the symptoms of Parkinson’s. This course will give you first hand approaches in this method to both feed and inspire your practice whether new or experienced in leading dance for people living with Parkinson’s.

The course is led over three core elements:

  1. Unit 1: Completion of the Dance for Parkinson’s Online Learning Programme before commencing the course (deadline 10th July 2019). This will provide a sound foundation for the in-studio training day below.
  2. Unit 2: Full day in-studio training, Saturday 13th July, PDSW, Sherborne Venue. This includes the methodology behind the model, teaching/lesson planning techniques and a practical teaching experience with class participants.
  3. Unit 3: Creation of a Parkinson’s Dance lesson plan with mentoring by Sophia or Aimee, with an optional invitation to teach a section in our Bournemouth Parkinson’s Dance class and experience a session in full.

Participant requirements:

This course is only open to participants who already have strong experience in physiotherapy/dance teaching practice or an extensive history of working with older people in health settings.

Course fee: £115 (this includes the Dance for Parkinson’s Online Learning Programme, which must be completed before commencing the PDS course).

Download and complete your application here. Please send to by 17th June 2019.

Your place is not confirmed until you have been contacted by PDSW (19th June 2019) and your fee paid in full.


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