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Short Dance Works

Performed on 18 May, 2019


UK Dance Showcase: An evening of kathak, hip hop and contemporary

The UK Dance Showcase will be taking place in Bournemouth and Poole from 16 – 19 May. Part of Surf The Wave, the showcasing and touring strategy project powered by Pavilion Dance South West, the showcase will bring hundreds of dance professionals from all over the UK together to experience some truly exceptional performances.

Agudo Dance Company present a collaboration between classical Indian dancer Mavin Khoo and Jose Agudo, who blends his flamenco roots with a unique contemporary style. Silk Road is a personal yet universal story of East meets West and is performed with an evocative live score. A fascinating exploration of the rituals along nomadic routes, conjuring images of pilgrims, monks, traders and urban dwellers who made their way from China to the Iberian Peninsula. It is a celebration of diverse cultures and dances, as strong and as delicate as silk itself.

Fuelled with explosive energy, female fire and unique movement, Myself UK Dance Company embodies generation after generation of female strength, struggle and support. Founded in 2008 by creative artist Kloé DeanMyself UK Dance are determined to challenge the male-dominated hip hop scene, bringing together a group of strong female dancers. An idea which began with just a few young women in a room has since grown to become an empowering company of performers.

Tom Dale Company present SURGE featuring Jemima Brown: adrenaline-charged, furious, urban contemporary dance. As digital innovation accelerates, humans share the planet with the new life force of technology. The gap between life and Artificial Intelligence is shrinking.  Pulsating bass lines charge the air. A solo dancer enters, her movement a mixture of nature’s fluid forms and the angular automation of the technological world. She falls, twists, slides and is still. Her potency fills the space. Torn between two opposing worlds, she wrestles to find her place in humanity. SURGE builds on choreographer Tom Dale’s ongoing fascination with the organic world’s relationship to the digital world. A world where the distinction between the artificial and the real is uncertain.


This performance is located at:

Poole’s Centre For The Arts
21 Kingland Road
Dorset BH15 1UG

For booking, follow this link>>>



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