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Performed from 6 June — 7 June, 2018


This event is free but places are limited and must be booked in advance.

Pavilion Dance South West’s annual Gathering is a unique opportunity for people working or training in dance including artists, practitioners, promoters, promoters, managers and teachers, to get together and discuss their work.

We’ll celebrate achievements, talk about ways to stay in touch over the next year, agree a common set of statements of strength and need so that we can talk about our work in a regional context and talk about how we advocate for the work we’re doing or supporting.

You will come away with renewed or new contacts, a definite sense of scale and scope of the South West Dance Network and useful information to support your work.

“I cannot think of a better way to be introduced to the dance landscape in the South West and meet various leaders involved in the region!” Artist attending 2017 Gathering.

This year’s programme includes:

Day 1: case studies celebrating dance in the South West and looking at main trends impacting dance in 2018, a session for artists, producers and promoters of Surf the Wave and the UK Dance Showcase in 2019, as well as a session for those working in health and wellbeing to look at needs and offers in the coming year.

Day 2: a session looking at parallels with the Slow Food Movement and considering if there’s anything we can learn from it (Steve Lamb, River Cottage). Break out sessions looking at work for children and young people examining needs and offers in the coming year; and a shared approach to advocacy for dance in the South West through the next year.

Lunch will be provided on the first day and a selection of pastries and fruit will be available for breakfast on day two.

You can also book in person at reception, or by calling us on 01202 203630.


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