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Street Dance (9-12 Yrs) with Anthony Biela: Autumn 2018

Performed from 13 September — 1 November, 2018


New class! Groove to some funky tunes and begin to learn some popping, locking and breaking moves.


Anthony Biela is a Dancer/ Choreographer/Creative Director, he went to train in London and Los Angeles and has 10 years experience working with all ages and abilities.
Anthony loves to share his passion, in his classes, you’ll enroll yourself in the journey of Street Dance, learning about the culture of Hip Hop and the different styles of dance that came out of it, such as Popping, Locking, Breaking and many others!!!


Our youth classes are designed so that young people can develop their confidence and dance skills in a relaxed environment. Due to this, classes can only be undertaken for the whole term or second half of term – so that the same young dancers see each other every week, allowing time to adjust to the class atmosphere.

These classes can be booked in various different ways:

  • Book for the entire term
  • OR take a taster class (£5.50) on the first week of any new term. If your child would like to continue you can then book the whole term.
  • Join in after Half-Term
  • OR take a taster class (£5.50) on the first week after half term. If your child would like to continue you can then book the remainder of term.

Autumn 2018 dates and booking:

First week of term and taster class: Thursday 13 September

(Book onto the entire term by Thursday 20 September)

First week for the second half of term and taster class: Thursday 1 November

(Book onto the remainder of term by Thursday 8 November)

Last date of term: Thursday 13 December 

You can also book in person at reception, or by calling us on 01202 203630.


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