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They Live Next Door by Ieva Kuniskis

Performed on 18 October, 2018


Set against a background of domestic rituals and nostalgic melodies They Live Next Door takes its’ audience on an emotional rollercoaster as a relationship between two men unravels.

Witness their ever-changing bond through heart-warming moments of love and tenderness, contrasted with bouts of conflict and manipulation. This turbulent, touching and tender show combines intricate choreography with emotive theatre, to cast light on our fascinations and preconceptions of others.

In a world where people are fixated with instant communication, social media and reality TV, They Live Next Door is a refreshingly unhurried voyeuristic view into a private life of two people, who may live next door to us.

Commissioned by Swindon Dance. Supported by Pavilion Dance South West, The Point, The Mill Arts Centre, Bradford Theatre in the Mill, Laban Theatre. Produced by Spin Arts.

Age guidance 12+
Strong language and nudity

About Ieva Kuniskis

Ieva Kuniskis is a Lithuanian choreographer based in London. She uses her experience in dance and theatre to share stories about everyday life, creating a unique movement language and distinctly authentic characters.  Ieva interweaves universally relatable themes with affecting, personal stories, inviting audiences to follow their own emotional journey in parallel to that of her characters. She uses her interest in social psychology to examine the subtleties of everyday-life norms, behaviours and interactions, and explores how different factors (upbringing, gender, age, mental health, illness, etc.) form our identity, affect our sense of self, and our communication with others. As she explores what being human truly encompasses she reveals the visceral beauty in the unspectacular aspects of daily life offering her observations about the world around us.

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