Vivre Dance Company is for creatives, makers and dancers aged 50+ who have existing experience in dance and/or dance training. We meet weekly in the Garden Studio to dance together; developing our technique, playing choreographically and nurturing new performance work. 

In the past Vivre Dance Company have had the exciting opportunity to work with acclaimed companies; Joss Arnott Company (PULSE!) and Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Dance (Protein 21). 

The company is led by the wonderful Artistic Director Elizabeth Bowell (find out more about Lizzy below).


If you are interested in becoming a member of Vivre Dance Company or would like to know more information please contact: 

We welcome anyone aged 50+ who have existing or past experience in dance to come and join us during one or all of our Autumn sessions with the view of joining us for more creative fun in the New Year.

Elizabeth Bolwell Biography

Elizabeth Bolwell and Dance

I ‘learnt’ to dance at childhood dance classes yet I discovered what it truly felt like to dance at a 2 week Laban summer school when I was 19. The jigsaw pieces fell instantly into place and from then on dance was integrated fully into my life.

Just a few weeks later I embarked on their 3 year Dance Theatre course with eagerness and dedication, and was prepared to make no compromises!

So, many moons of dance later, and I remain eager and dedicated, having accepted that sometimes compromise can be helpful in enabling us to move forward.

Dance goes hand in hand with people, it is so exciting to work together in dance and see what emerges.

Having danced with people in so many varied contexts, outcomes have never been the same twice and that’s what inspires me.

Pondering on’ proudest moments’, I find it impossible to say as each dance class, workshop, project, moment, or chance interaction has value. If pressed however,  when a young man experiencing acute anxiety during a student company performance came to the wings, to quite literally breath, calmed himself and then chose to re-enter the dance because ‘ he knew he could do it and didn’t want to let the group down’, that stays with me.

Moving forward, I see Vivre Dance Company as an opportunity to bring a collective wealth of experience to the dance studio along with an openness of spirit so that we may gleam from one another, continue to grow creatively and professorially, whilst feeling confident to perform and share our work.

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