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Urban Reef GET ON BOARD with Children and Young People fundraising appeal

Urban Reef, part of the Urban Guild family, are set to become the latest business sponsor to join Pavilion Dance South West and Yellow Buses in their joint fundraising appeal – “Get On Board!”, which supports the Bournemouth-based dance organisation’s work with children and young people.

Urban Reef’s involvement will help to fund five young people who have been chosen from local schools to train and perform with Shake, one of the best hip hop crews in the area. The group are set to perform a piece of dance that they have created together at Bournemouth’s annual hip hop festival, B-Town Throwdown at Pavilion Dance on Sunday 10 May, between 1pm and 2pm.

Urban Reef’s Fee Cribb said, “We are delighted to be involved with a charity that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing for the local community, especially for children and young adults. At Urban Guild we’re all about happy and dance makes people happy. We’re excited to help promote happy young people and spread the passion for dance.”

Pavilion Dance South West’s “Get On Board!” appeal, which has been created in partnership with Yellow Buses, offers local business the opportunity to engage with dance in their local community and aims to raise awareness of the organisation’s work for and with children and young people.

“Dance encourages collaboration, teamwork, trust and empathy like nothing else. We believe passionately that dance is vital for young people as part of the wider curriculum, which is why it is a creative priority for our organisation,” says Deryck Newland, Artistic Director at Pavilion Dance South West.

For more information on the appeal contact PDSW at 01202 203637, email or visit

“Get On Board” – Yellow Buses in partnership with Pavilion Dance South West to support dance for children and young people.

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