Vibes –  The Space Digital R&D Commission 2022

A collaboration between Pavilion Dance South West, The Motion Dance Collective and Deaf Men Dancing – with sponsorship from Soundbrenner

Vibes is a project about a prototype vibrotactile floor, a deaf dancer and body percussion. 




‘Vibes’ is a story in 3 parts – a behind the scenes exploration of a 4 day R&D at Pavilion Dance South West in Bournemouth. Vibes is a project about a prototype vibrotactile floor, a deaf dancer and body percussion. 

In 2021, Pavilion Dance and Omari Carter of the The Motion Dance Collective created a prototype vibrotactile floor – bringing together Omari’s worlds of body percussion( performing in Stomp in the West End and internationally for over 6 years) and Screendance (founder and creative director of The Motion Dance Collective)

Read about that first ten day R&D and what we learned

During that first project sharing, audiences fed back that there could be potential here for Deaf audiences  / makers to use the vibrotactile floor. With R&D funding from The Space and PDSW donor Rod Cossou, we were able to take this concept to the next level – what is the vibrotactile floor like to create work on, instead of just watch work on?

We worked with Mark Smith of Deaf Men Dancing and planned a 4 day R&D focused on the intersection of body percussion, the vibrotactile floor, and working with a deaf dancer – Hearns Sebuado. We filmed the whole process – from putting the floor together, to learning choreography, to navigating how the floor felt for Hearns with the Soundbrenner Pulse (a wearable metronome) and filming a final piece that can be played back and experienced through the vibrotactile floor. 


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Dancers: Hearns Sebuado and Omari ‘Motion’ Carter

Director and Choreographer: Omari ‘Motion’ Carter

Cinematographer and BTS Camera: Shae Carroll

Production Manager: Lizzy Maries

Assistant Producer: Anna Clifford

Sound Design and Recording: Mike Winship

Camera Operator: Malgorzata Hryhorowicz

BSL Intepreter: Amy Astley

Technical Manager: Matt Smee

Technician and Lighting: Ellis Keates-Bowles

Green Screen BSL Interpreter: Caroline Smith

Editor: Omari ‘Motion’ Carter

Music: Original Credit Composition by Mike Winship

Mentor: Mark Smith

Pulse Metronome Sponsorship: Soundbrenner

Marketing Associate: Stephanie Brown

Special Thanks to: Rod Cossou and DanceEast


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