100 Postcards by Timothy Chaloner

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13th April 2024

“Parkinson’s Disease might just be one of the luckiest events in my life as it provides me with the time to fully express myself” 

Being left-handed and forced to write with my right hand when I was a child, stir in a portion of dyslexia gives birth to a creative force that I am blessed with. 

I prefer to use the Ipad as it allows a medium, more forgiving of my condition. I follow the practice of drawing each day when my condition allows, mainly at night using my fingernail. 

My inspiration for my artwork is drawn mostly from my imagination and memory.  I am influenced by many styles.  I tend to work on themes, nature, dance, animals, family, words, currents events. 

Each design can take up to 2 hours. A considerable amount of my work is abstract.  Recently my artwork has been in a grouping of three, working and reworking the original idea. 

I love experimenting with colour and backgrounds with a bright single colour. 

My designs have been reproduced in Postcards (Seafront Corridor entrance), Posters (Seafront Corridor) and Scarves.  My Partner Mona even got them done on chocolates for me as a gift. 

If you are interested in seeing more of my artwork, please check out my Instagram site – @Parisaul1

Meet the artist

Timothy was influenced by photography and calligraphy in his formative years and attended Bournemouth Arts/Design College. 

He was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease in his fifties.  Timothy attended Parkinson’s Dance and with his partner/carer Mona in 2013, participated in a film “Parkinson’s Dances” (Vimeo) Roger Shufflebottom with Pavilion Dances and Bournemouth University.  

The turning point for Timothy was when he bought an IPad. Using an Ipencil was challenging given the shaking that comes with Parkinson’s.  Timothy found he had better control drawing with his fingernail. 

He started drawing as a focus point in managing his life with Parkinson’s.  

He posts his work on an Instagram platform daily and has completed over 900 pieces of artwork –@Parisaul1


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