April Ceilidh with Jigfoot and caller Tom Gregory

Performance information
20th April 2024
Running time: 180 minutes

Welcome back Jigfoot and Tom Gregory for our April Ceilidh!

Our April Ceilidh welcomes back Hampshire-based band Jigfoot with caller Tom Gregory, who is calling for his 3rd Ceilidh here at Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth!

Jigfoot play traditional dance tunes with energy, inventiveness and, above all, swing. This is music that defies you to stay still, whether it’s at a dance or in a concert performance!

Their repertoire is mainly, although not exclusively, from southern English sources, especially their home county of Hampshire. They work closely with dancers Simon and Jo Harmer developing material based around their inspirational southern English step dancing.

A Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee) is a form of social dance, where the caller guides you through all of the dances. Beginners and regular Ceilidh-goers welcome.

Our Ceilidhs are popular events guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Check out our February Ceilidh!

Date & details
Time & date
Tickets & pricing
Sat 20 April 2024
Good availability
Starts 19:00
Ends 22:00
Child (under 16 years)
Over 65s
Universal Credit

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