Artists’ Exchange Programme

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6th March — 6th May 2021

Work with Danielle Teale (Initiator of the Artists’ Exchange Programme)

Share skills, build strong artistic concepts and work through challenges together in an intimate peer group exchange which provides support and nurture during an isolating time.


Danielle Teale is delighted to bring a newly developed, online version of the AEP Skills’ Exchange to dance artists this Spring. In partnership with PDSW, the democratic artists development programme will give artists the chance to strengthen resilience, reflect on their practice and where they find themselves during COVID times, try out creative ideas and gain tools for growth. In particular this is a time of great change, and the AEP can provide a chance to share fears, or ideas, for evolving your practice online. 

The programme provides artists development unlike any other; recognising the needs, skills and knowledge of the participants and what they can offer each other in a peer to peer learning experience. It is an alternative approach to CPD which values a diversity of skills and experience and does not lead based on one specific model of practice. The online Skills’ Exchange is suitable for mid-career artists working as makers and leaders across community, socially engaged and participatory practice (minimum 3 years’ experience required). 

Artists will be invited to offer a contribution which connects to the core themes of the AEP, sharing the space and dialogue around their practice with others. Artists will take away a greater resilience, renewed creative practice, deeper understanding of their values and awareness of their skills and experience. 

Bursaries for fees are offered for selected artists from the South West to come together, providing space and time to listen and share in the skills and experiences of those involved. 

Led by Danielle Teale in partnership with PDSW.

The Skills’ Exchange Online is for a limited number of artists by application only, and takes place on Zoom.

To APPLY, please

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Deadline for applications: 5pm Monday 15 February 2021

Artists will be asked to join 4 workshops online which will take place on the following dates:

Dates6 March / 25 March / 15 April / 6 May

Time: 10am-1pm

Supporting information:

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