Belly Dance for Beginners with Bernadett Kasza – Summer 2024

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15th — 29th April 2024
Running time: 60 minutes

These one-off sessions on 15th and 29th April will introduce you to the style of Belly Dance for beginners. They will give you an understanding of the fundamentals in Belly Dance technique to get you ready for our regular Wednesday evening sessions!

You’ll learn graceful and feminine moves, as well as isolation movements that embody the art of Belly Dance for beginners.  You will develop different sequences and routines to practice and perfect your moves.  Plus you’ll get chance to shimmy and shake your hip scarf and sequins!

Led by dance teacher Bernadett Kasza this Belly Dance class in Bournemouth town centre focuses on flexibility and strength. Each class is built to prepare and train the body with specific warm up and stretching routines to perfectly own each movement taught during the session.


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