Bollywood with Kamalesh Borkar – Summer 2024

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18th April — 18th July 2024
Running time: 60 minutes

This weekly Bollywood dance class in Bournemouth is a fun, modern Indian dance class with choreography from iconic Bollywood movies.

Open to all abilities, this is a great workout learning new moves and routines taught by trained Indian dancer, Kamalesh Borkar. Using your facial expressions, arms, hands and feet, learn to tell traditional and modern Bollywood stories through upbeat and lively dance moves and techniques.

You don’t need any prior experience of dancing or Bollywood as a whole. You can learn about this historic story telling dance as you go!

Group of people wearing bright colour tops in a dance class

No experience is necessary for this class.  It is Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and movement to your body. This is a great way to spend an hour on a Thursday evening.

Bollywood is very intricate, the focus being as much on the small details hands, feet and also the face as it is in the overall ‘moves’. There is so much more to it as a style than what first meets the eye!

The BBC described it as: “Easy on the eye, with dramatic facial expressions and cinematic pizzazz”.

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Thu 18 July 2024
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Starts 18:15
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