Bournemouth Writing Festival: Bourn Jammy

Performance information
27th April 2024
Running time: 150 minutes

An energetic, live music and spoken word extravaganza

Featuring Ed “Gramski” Hallwood

Join the Bournemouth Writing Festival for a thrilling night of creative collaboration at our interactive spoken word and live music extravaganza! 

We’ll blend high-energy improvisational rapping from award-winning freestyle MC Ed “Gramski” Hallwood with our House Band to produce magical in-the-moment co-creations. The audience participation keeps our jam fresh and exciting with on-the-spot writing prompts and call-and-response exchanges. Don’t miss these electrifying unscripted moments when our MCs and musicians riff off each other and the crowd to make poetic magic.


Date & details
Time & date
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Sat 27 April 2024
Tickets no longer for sale
Starts 19:30
Ends 22:00

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