Charleston with Ruby Adams – Autumn 2021

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8th September — 8th December 2021
Running time: 60 minutes

Enjoy the fun and energetic dance moves of Charleston in this class packed full jazz moves from the 20s to the 40s.

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Ruby Adams:

Ruby is a dedicated dance and entertainment industry professional, with 10 years of experience on stage. Ruby regularly works directly with venues, performers and stage crew to produce multiple sell-out experiential events, such as Run Away To The Circus theatre show, L’amour theatre show, and Electro Swing dance nights; Recently, producing a pop-up, theatre project, with over 50 performers, that boasts a roaring sell-out success.

Organising and implementing multiple pop-up experiential events for various clients including Bournemouth’s Coastal Activity Park, Shelley Theatre, and Battistini’s Custom Motorcycles. Ruby now runs multiple classes with a focus on stagecraft and performance techniques in various venues across the Dorset area. Working with organisations such as Pavilion Dance South West, FuZe8, and Riot Dance.

From producing dance events to performing on tour, if there’s a stage – you can bet Ruby will be on it!

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