Performance information
2nd October 2021
Running time: 60 minutes

Improplay Performance

By Katy Hewison collaborating with dance artists and young children.

Improplay Performance brings together adult artists and young children, to create a magical world through dance, improvisation and play.

I Imagine…  You Imagine…. We Imagine…

We search for trust and freedom and look for limitless potential in our imagination so that together we can dream and fly in the creative space.

Let our dreams begin…

This event is happening in person at Yorkshire Dance.

If you wish to purchase a ticket to see it in person please click here.  Alternatively, please scroll to book a ticket to access the live stream.


 Choreographer & Founder/Creator of Improplay: Katy Hewison

Dance Artists: James Olivo, Rachel Sullivan, Edward Jeffreys, Inari Hulkkonen.

Original Music by Wilfred Kimber.

With thanks to all the children, families, teachers, artists and mentors.

Supported with funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council.


Access & lifting barriers 

PDSW and partners are committed to supporting disabled artists and those who face barriers in accessing this call-out and opportunity.

We will have the following access support in place, but please do let us know if there is another way in which we can support you for the showcase by emailing or calling: 01202 203630:

Live in-person captioning

Advance e-reads with information about the day, a full schedule of events including resting breaks, content, and theme notes for trigger warnings including information about lighting and sound.

If you require BSL for the showcase please let us know as soon as possible. We have a network but also if you work with your own BSL interpreter or have your own contacts, we will pay them for their time.

Email and we’ll have a chat about how to make it work for you. 

All payments will be in British Sterling. The link to access your events will be sent approximately one hour beforehand.

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Sat 2 October 2021
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Starts 10:30
Ends 11:30

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