Performance information
20th November 2021
Running time: 80 minutes

Three friends are getting ready for a night out, the music is intoxicating, they start to dance.

It’s so good, they might stay a little longer…

DONUTS follows one night, separated over several years, in the life of a group of friends: how music connects them, feeds their friendship and their need to dance, until it becomes almost like a collective state of trance.

It’s a celebration of all the times a night in is so much better than a night out.

Choreographed by Jamaal Burkmar, DONUTS explores the dynamic way real friendship evolves over time, how the friendships in classic sit-coms can make you feel more like an outsider, and the way music and dance brings people together.

Bursting with precision and soul, DONUTS is a hypnotic and playful groove along to jazz and funk.


The Place presents a new dance show by Extended Play DONUTS

DONUTS is co-produced by The Place, co-commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre and DanceXchange.

Choreographer: Jamaal Burkmar Dancers: Maya Caroll, Iolanda Portogallo, Dorna Ashory Lighting: Barnaby Booth Costumes & Set Design: Rebecca Bevan Photography & Videography: Genevieve Reeves Producer: Treacle Holasz

Co-commissioned by The Place, DanceXchange, Warwick Arts Centre. Co-produced by The Place. Supported by DanceXchange, Strike A Light, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Arts Council England.

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Time & date
Tickets & pricing
Sat 20 November 2021
Good availability
Starts 19:30
Ends 20:50
Child (under 16 years)
Over 60s
Under 26

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