Egyptian Belly Dance – Autumn 2021

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4th October — 6th December 2021
Running time: 60 minutes

Shimmy and circle those hips! 

Come and learn the graceful and hypnotizing art of Egyptian Belly Dance

Teacher Info:

Bernadett Kasza

Fluent in femininity…

Bernadett began studying Egyptian belly dancing in 2000 and has been teaching it since 2005.

She has learnt many different dance forms and movement styles since her childhood, for example classical and contemporary ballet, Hungarian Folk dances, ballroom and Flamenco. Bernadett started learning Egyptian Belly Dancing when she was 18 years old from an authentic teacher in Hungary. She has participated in many different types of oriental dance workshops, aiming not only to learn but also to refine her gracefulness and fluidity. She is a belly dance history enthusiast and has integrated the art into her birth preparation work for expecting women.

Bernadett is extremely passionate about teaching Egyptian Belly Dancing “I believe belly dancing is a special path on the feminine journey, encompassing virtuosity and teaching a broad movement vocabulary to express emotions.”

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