Exquisite Noise (preview) by Van Huynh Company

Performance information
20th February 2024
Running time: 55 minutes

From the team who brought GLAM, their new work ‘Exquisite Noise’ is a praise to the art of resistance and assembly.

Choreographer Dam Van Huynh explores alternative methods of dissent, drawing upon noise to embody defiance and inviting us to transcend it, celebrating the power of coming together.

Sounds of protest against inequalities take centre stage, carving a unique sensory experience.

This is a dance between disruption and communion, an invitation to wake up our collective spirit as an act of self-care.

An exclusive preview right here in Bournemouth. Tickets are free, but you need to reserve a seat to attend.

Suitable for ages 12+

Date & details
Time & date
Tickets & pricing
Tue 20 February 2024
Tickets no longer for sale
Starts 17:30
Ends 18:25

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