Fault Lines by Lila Dance

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14th June 2024
Running time: 50 minutes

As our planet’s voice gets louder, are we ready to listen? 

We are thrilled to present this new work Fault Lines by our Associate Artists Lila Dance.

Fault Lines pulls at the tension in our relationship with nature. Our constant pursuit of progress increasing the speed of life has left us out of sync with the natural world.

When it feels like we are racing towards an unknown future, how can the enormity of climate change be made personal?


Fault Lines explores the emotional journey from feeling overwhelmed to empowerment. From disconnection to change, without trying to offer solutions or judgement.

Follow our characters as they navigate the changing landscape, through sun-scorched plains, roaring waves, cityscapes, and smoking forests in pursuit of unravelling their connection to our planet’s fate.

A sense of hope is laced through the work, culminating in the community cast planting seeds to re-wild, regrow and rethink individual impact.

Fault Lines blends stunning dance with immersive digital imagery, evocative writing, and cinematic music to bring this powerful story about our relationship with our planet to life.

New writing by Nick Walker (award winning writer, BBC) gives voice to both the existential panic, alongside the everyday problem solving needed to live on a hotter, more crowded, and less predictable planet.

With an original sound score by Dougie Evans, the projection of digital imagery by Zach Walker (MakeAmplify) and digital moving illustrations by Courtney McCarthy, the natural world enters the space to create a rich sensory world for the performers.

There will be a post-show talk with the cast and choreographers.

Suitable for 12yrs+

Lila Dance are our Associate Artists for 2023-2025 and we are delighted to support their work and bring this powerful performance to our Ocean Theatre.  Find out more about our Visiting & Associate Artists programme.

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Fri 14 June 2024
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Starts 19:30
Ends 20:20
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