Going Coastal! Writing, Drawing and Seaside Psychogeography

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28th April 2024
Running time: 60 minutes

A reportage illustrator and writer show you how they travel, research, write and draw the English seaside and other intriguing locations

Tom Sykes, Associate Professor of Creative Writing and Global Journalism and Louis Netter, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Illustration at University of Portsmouth

The English seaside has long been seductive. For 200 years, punters have sought out its quirky thrills from bingo to Wurlitzer organ dances, glamorous granny parades to child-jockeyed donkey races, lewdly shaped rock candy to harrowingly bad karaoke. But recently, many seaside towns have been pummelled by poverty, unemployment, underinvestment, addiction, poor health outcomes, Brexit, Covid-19 and the climate emergency. Writer Tom Sykes and reportage illustrator Louis Netter explore how to research and represent these unique spaces with specially-designed writing and drawing activities and live demonstrations of their craft.


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Sun 28 April 2024
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