Zoie Logic Dance Theatre: Heist

Performance information
4th February 2020
Running time: 60 minutes

HEIST is an action packed dance thriller, where five guys have to break free from a world they don’t want to be in. To escape, they need to get back what was taken from them and overcome challenges to fight for their freedom.

Join our band of brothers in a world full of the unexpected and experience the magic of HEIST! Imagine the mystery of the Crystal Maze, the adventure of Mission Impossible and the heart of The Goonies.

Running time: 60 mins + audience discussion.

Age guidance: 10+.

Contains Flashing Lights & Haze.

Date & details
Time & date
Tickets & pricing
Tue 4 February 2020
Tickets no longer for sale
Starts 18:30
Ends 19:30

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