Hoop Dance with Lottie Lucid

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10th January — 3rd April 2020
Running time: 60 minutes

Learn to dance and move with a hoop. You will be training in a fun and informal atmosphere and learn from an experienced hula hooper with 8 years experience. Hoopdance (or hooping) is a fun and creative activity, and as such I’ll be supporting you on your journey to keep progressing at your own pace. Express yourself! Improve your co-ordination, confidence and meet new friends. You will challenge yourself to master new tricks and techniques, and it’s highly likely that you will be so absorbed in the activity that you don’t even realise how much more toned and flexible you are becoming! Exercise through dance and flow. With weekly training you will find your balance and strength improving too! Get tips on choosing the right hula hoop for you. Get training tips for faster improvement. Let off some steam – hoop it out!

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