How to Plot a Novel

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28th April 2024
Running time: 60 minutes

From Pantsing to Post-its – How Do I Plot a Novel?

Award-winning, international author, Sam Holland

Gardeners and architects. Catalysts, sacred flaws, the B-story – and what does saving a cat have to do with it? We want to write books that enthral our readers, but how do we translate our ideas into a coherent narrative? Something that will thrill and tantalise in equal measure?

In this participative talk, I will demystify the jargon and – more importantly – help you develop a process that you can use every day to write your novel. No size fits all when writing, but whether you scribble with a spreadsheet, or write like a car driving in the dark (I’ll explain that one too!), there’ll be something for everyone here.


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Sun 28 April 2024
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Starts 15:45
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