Invisible Dances

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6th — 10th April 2021

What are these strange and beautiful markings on the pavements in the BCP area and how does this connect to dance and what is an invisible dance?

Read on for all the answers to these burning questions…..

Last week, a group of dancers have been moving through BCP in the early hours – they have been followed by tracers with chalk who draw their pathways on the ground, to create a temporary art work. Each chalk line is a record of each dancer’s journey. You can see where the dancers moved by following the coloured lines on the ground.

Each dancer had their own colour to create their Invisible Dances.

Each line is a visual memory of the performance that happened in this exact spot!

Day 1

If you come across the traces, follow the chalk lines to see how far the dancers travelled. You can see the dancers perform with specially created films that ran all week on our social channels last week.

Day 2

PDSW has supported this Covid Secure project at a time when theatres are closed and many professional dancers are out of work. Our Invisible Dances has employed 6 local professional dancers, 2 other local creatives and 1 from outside the area.

Day 3


Invisible Dances is a temporary art work. We have used environmentally-friendly traditional chalk or spray which will fade and disappear. We hope it will brighten your day and start a conversation about the impact of Covid in the arts and the nature of art and movement in a public space.

Day 4

If you live or work in BCP, this is your space so you can get creative too! Walk on the lines, run alongside them, jump between them, make your own dance and take a photo or a video! Join in with the rest of the world and have your Invisible Dances exhibited in our online gallery! Just send your videos and images to 

Now that the project has been completed, the left traces will be available to view until the end of the month, fading as nature takes hold of the space again. 

Invisible Dances has taken place around the world including the U.S, Taiwan, India and Europe. You can see BCP on the project’s global map and find out about the choreographer Elisabeth Schilling at

You can also read Roisin O’ Brien’s poem about Invisible Dances here

#Keepdancing #DancingInTheStreets

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