Mahajanaka Dance Drama by Neon Dance and Pindrop

Performance information
14th November 2019
Running time: 55 minutes
Online Content

Online Screening

With the success of the live show last November we are bringing this stunning performance to your screens on Thursday 7th May, from 10 am – 10pm in celebration of Vasak, the Buddhist festival of enlightenment.

If you are looking for something for this weekend – we’ve got it covered! Sit back, relax and tune in anytime, we’ll be screening this show from Saturday 9th, 10am – Sunday 10th May until 10pm.

Hop onto the online screening page for more details.

Date & details
Time & date
Tickets & pricing
Thu 14 November 2019
Tickets no longer for sale
Starts 19:30
Ends 20:25
Over 60s
Under 26

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