Mahajanaka Dance Drama by Neon Dance and Pindrop

Performance information
14th November 2019
Running time: 55 minutes

British Composer Sebastian Reynolds and Neon Dance Director Adrienne Hart collaborate with award winning dance artist Pichet Klunchun to retell the story of Mahajanaka Jataka; one of the oldest surviving folk tales in the world.

Bringing together east and western dance and music performance traditions, this enchanting production fuses ancient and modern with animated scenes from Bristol’s Sun & Moon Studios.

Informed by research trips to Bangkok to explore Jataka mythology and Buddhism in contemporary Thailand, and subsequent studio time in the UK, Mahajanaka Dance Drama previewed at Wiltshire Music Centre with an excerpt presented as part of the sold out Neon Dance Wild Card at Sadler’s Wells in 2018.

Join us after for a post – show chat with Dr Sarah Shaw.


Mahajanaka Dance Drama – UK Tour November 2019 from Sebastian Reynolds on Vimeo.


Photo by Camilla Greenwell

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Thu 14 November 2019
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Starts 19:30
Ends 20:25
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